ACR Systems was established in 1990 by Ross Keane. He started in 1972 working in technical support for a manufacturer, distributer and then for himself. Since 1990, ACR Systems have providing quality CCTV & EPoS solutions in York and the surrounding areas.

All our installations are designed around “YOUR” needs and to a budget that suits “YOU”. To us, a Salesman is basically “spending someone elses money” (yours) and we feel you need as much information and choice as possible (our job), to be able to make a valid decision (your job). After the guarantee period, ALL our systems come with an “optional” MONTHLY maintainance contract with free services and repairs!

Monthly Payment Plan of EPoS and CCTV in York is very popular at the moment and offers good tax incentives with the knowledge that the equipment will be well maintained (with NO hidden extras) as part of the package.


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