Table and App Service

Table Service

We can now install a Till System that used Hand Held Terminals.
These save on Staff running numbers and are simple and efficient ways of getting orders to the Till and then to the Customer. You only need one Till Terminal and as many Hand Sets as you prefer. They run on their own Wifi connection and have a Printer Included for Billing the Customer.




App Service

Solid State Touch Screen
We have an EPROM based Uniwell Touch Screen system that will support Hand Held Terminals PLUS take orders using the MOBO 2 GO app so your customers can order food and drink either On the premises OR as a delivery.

They place an order on the APP and payment is taken with the order. The order can then come through as a prompt on a specific printer OR can be rung into the Till automatically and a Ticket will go to a designated printer ready to prepare the food or drink.


PC Based Touch Screen

The second option uses a PC based Touch Screen system using CES Software.

Again, orders are taken on an APP called SKOOP and payment is received at the time of ordering. There is a Ticket printed to bring the order to the attention of the STAFF and it is rung automatically into the Till.

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